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Korea has been the best source for the engine parts for a while due to quality material, skilled labor, strong auto industries and highly acclaimed engineering standards. Our mission is to be your guide to Korean engine and auto parts industry.

Hot forging

Hot forging machines from 600 ton to 2500 tons press with controlled cooling for the microally, covers all material specifications, parts from 100g to 5 kg, 100% MPI inspected.

Parts: Rocker arms, ball joint, spindles, suspension parts, valve lifters, bridges for valve train, steering and transmission parts, brake system parts

Cold Forging

Our cold former has variety of equipment suitable for range of customer requirements. The forging presses are from 250 tons to 1000 tons along with inhouse annealing furnaces.

Parts:Break Assembly,Wheel Cylinder Pistons, Knuckle Spindles, Belt Pulleys ,Alternator Shafts, Ball Joints


Disamatic molding machine, shellmold type casting and investment type castings are available. Gray iron and ductile iron to all specifications.

Parts: Stands /pedestals for the valve trains, transmission parts, rocker arms, knuckes.

Machined complete

Full process lines to meet customer requirements including CNC, Machining Center, robot controlled automated line, dedicated machineries for mass products. Some are equipped with foolproof automated inspection system.

Parts: Rocker arms, pedestal, shafts, ball joint housings, spindles, valve lifters.

About the Suppliers

IATF certificate

All suppliers are located in South Korea and are current suppliers to Hyundai-Kia Motors.


All supppliers are registered to the most recent quality Inspection Agency. The most recent copy is available upon request.


All suppliers have vast experience in the supply to the overseas customers in USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy and/or Spain.


Daejin Forging

Hot forging and machining
Ball joint housing, rocker arm, bridges, knuckls, spindles, transmission parts
Daeree Precision

Daeree Precision

Machining, cold forming
Rocker arm shafts, balance shafts, transmission parts

Cheongbo Ind

Investment casting and machining
Rocker arms, pedestals, engine parts

Samkwang Motors

Cold forging and machining
Ball joint housing, tappet, transmission parts

Haewon Ind

Shellmold casting
Engine and transmission parts, pedestal, stands, rocker arms

Kwangjin Precision

Precision machining of engine parts
Rocker arms, shafts, stands, pedestal, spacers

Wonil Spring

Spring maker
Springs for rocker arm shaft assembly / electronic parts

Dongbu Precision

Precision machining for engine parts
Rocker arms, valve lifters, pedestals, stands

Our Services

KEI USA is a proven industry leader in bringing value adding services to the Automotive and Truck industry. With decades of experience and over 100 million parts shipped, we have been working closely with our suppliers to support quality manufacturing requirements for our customers

Competitive offers

We will provide the most competitive offers from the quailified suppliers.
All incoterms covered (FOB Busan / CIF Destination)
Flexible shipping schedule to meet your demand.
Stock consignment option is available.

Rapid Development

Most hot forging, cold forging and casting products can be developed in 30 days.
All quality PPAP documents will be prepared according to AIAG standard.
The development of finished products can be in 90 days. Please inquire us if you need faster development.

Shipping schedule

We work with all EDI schedule of customer's preference.
All shipments will meet the pre-approved customer package standard and rust preventive process. All parts will be protected upto 180 days from the shipment.

quality assurance

Parts are fully inspected before shipment as specified in the control plan. Suppliers We will work with customer to resolve any quanlity issues to mutually satisfactory results. All suppliers are doing most effort for the contineous quality improvement.

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2500 Hot Forging Press with fully automated operation

Fully automated Ball Joint Housing machinig line

Fully automated Cold Forging Press Line

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