We supply various machined parts to customer’s requirements. Here are some of the items currently in production.

Machined products
no Picture Parts Name Process for raw materia
1 Front Knuckle Stem Stem for knucle cold forming
2 20130104_122745 Strap Assembly Investment Casting
3 Pedestal Pedestal Ductile iron casting
4 rocker arm- machined rocker arm- machined Hot Forging
5 lifters Valve Lifters Hot Forging
6 knuckles Knuckles Steel casting /forging /aluminum casting
7 DSCN0878 Tappets Cold Forming
8 FM-BJ Ball Joint Housing Cold Forming
9 shafts Rocker Arm Shaft Welded Steel Tube
10 Ball Stud Ball Studs Cold Forming